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Intelligent Control Modules
LED Driver Modules
제품명 : Intelligent Control Modules
시리즈명 : LED Driver Modules
환경물질정보 : RoHs Compliance
제품상태 : 생산중
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 Intelligent current module (ICM) is fabricated using several GT9910 or GT8802 driver IC in order to supply the constant current to high power LED lighting systems beyond 300Watt. 
 One ICM compose of 9 channels or 12 channels and each channel can carry about 50Watt at DC 48Volt.

규격 및 사양(Specification)

 - High current drivable(~1.5A)
 - DC 48V operation
 - Multi-channel
 - Linear and PWM dimming
 - Temperature detectable
 - PLC-and Zigbee-interfaceable


 - High power LED Light
 - Indoor / outdoor LED Light