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GT9910(& GT9931)
제품명 : GT9910(& GT9931)
시리즈명 : LED IC
환경물질정보 : RoHs Compliance
제품상태 : 생산중
Contact : 관리팀
   00006158-GT9910v3.2.pdf (202.9K) [40]

 LED driver chip is to have white LED illluminated efficiently with AC or DC power.
 This chip will bocome a pro-environmental semiconductor for worldwide green products with the function of energy saving and electromagnetic control, such as LED decorative lights, LED bulbs or flathead bulbs, guardlamps or streetlight, etc.

규격 및 사양(Specification)

 - Transformer-free and switch mode controller
 - Supply voltage : commercial AC(82~265V) and DC(8~450V)
 - High efficiency and low stand by low current
 - Linear and PWM dimming available
 - Thermal shutdown protection
 - Frequency jittering for Low EMI (Patent proprietary)
 - Very small chip size (cost effective)


 - DC/DC or AC/DC LED driver application
 - RGB back lighting LED driver
 - Back lighting of flat panel displays, Signage and decorative LED Lighting, Chargers